Let’s collaborate! Let me get you the information you need to create impactful products, systems, & services

In the June of 2020, I graduated with a MS in Human Centered Engineering and Design from the UW and have a B.E. in Computer Science — bringing the best of both engineering and design worlds. This makes me an asset on a cross functional team.

I am passionate about emerging tech & using humanity centered systems thinking to challenge assumptions & advocate for the user. I really enjoy translating data into digestible and actionable insights. I am as comfortable working on exploratory studies for designing new products as I am working on evaluative studies for existing products. In my practice I have implemented a variety of methods — interviews, qualitative surveys, usability studies, A/B testing, co-design workshops, cultural probes, etc. I have been a researcher on consumer facing products like apps, websites, organizational services as well as internal tools that have led to improved research documentation structures and practices. My ideal workplace would allow me to work on fast-paced impactful projects with a diverse team.

Outside of making design inclusive and accessible, you can find me watching improv or failing miserably at it. I also really really enjoy the theatre especially if it’s of musical nature. I am also looking for local baseball and basketball leagues to get back in shape.

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Hi! I'm Dev